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no. 27 of 12 July 1991

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Flora Mediterranea 12


Armer, W.M., Soliman, M.M. & Sheded, M.M.: Biosystematic studies for Balanites aegyptiaca populations in Egypt

Athanasiadis, A.:Taxonomy and systematics of Rhodophyta with reference to the Mediterranean taxa

Bottalico, A. & Delle Foglie, C.I.: First record of Predaea ollivieri (Nemastomataceae, Rhodophyta) in Apulia (Southern Italy)

Colombo, P.: Observations of the biomorphology of the Sicilian endemic Trifolium bivonae (Fabaceae)

Colombo, P.: The genus Limonium (Plumbaginaceae) in Sicily: some morphoanatomical and taxonomical considerations

Del Monte, J. P. & Curt, M. D.: Introduction of species associated with crops: the case of genera Amsinckia and Leptochloa in Spain

El Naggar, S. M. I.: Revised list of Brassicaceae for flora aegyptiaca

Forte, L., Cavallaro, V., Pantaleo, F., DðAmico, F. S. & Macchia, F.: The vascular flora of the "Bosco Isola" at Lesina (Foggia ð Apulia)

Geraci, A. & Schicchi, R.: Cytogeographical investigation of Scilla autumnalis (Hyacinthaceae) in Sicily

Greuter, W.: The Ancient Greek roots of Biological Sciences

Infante, M., Segarra, J. G. & Heras, P.: Preliminary checklist of the bryophytevs of Aragðn (Spain)

Kamari, G., Blanché, C. & Garbari, F. (eds): Mediterranean chromosome number reports

Kaya, A.: Morphological Variations in Acinos alpinus and Acinos rotundifolius (Labiatae) Growing in Turkey

Kaya, A. & Başer, H. K. C.: Olymposciadium caespitosum (Umbelliferae): A monotypic endemic species from Turkey

Koutsopoulos, P. & Sarlis, G.: Contribution to the study of the flora of Vouraikos gorge (Peloponnesos, Greece)

Mannino, A. M., Castriota, L., Beltrano, A. M. & Sunseri, G.: The epiflora of a rhodolith bed from the island of Ustica (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea)

Pateli, M., Krigas, N., Karousou, R., Hanlidou, E. & Kokkini, S.: Vascular plants in the suburban area of Thessaloniki (N Greece). I. The Industrial Park of Sindos

Raimondo, F. M. & Geraci, A.: A new taxonomic arrangement in Sicilian Brassica sect. Brassica (Cruciferae)

Raimondo, F. M. & Spadaro, V.: New record of Carex stellulata (Cyperaceae) in Sicily

Temina, M., Wasser, S. P. & Nevo, E.: A contribution to the species diversity of lichens in Israel

Vlachos, S., Christodoulakis, D. & Kamari, G.: The flora of Mount Boumistos (NW Sterea Ellas, Greece): Species list and chorological notes

Yildiz, A. & John, V.: Additional lichen records from Kastamonu province (Turkey)


Edited on behalf of the International Foundation pro Herbario Mediterraneo

by Francesco M. Raimondo & Werner Greuter

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F. Garbari (Pisa), W. Greuter (Berlin), S. L. Jury (Reading), P. Mazzola (Palermo), S. Pignatti (Roma), F.M. Raimondo (Palermo), B. Valdés (Sevilla).

Referees committee

P. V. Arrigoni (Firenze), H. Bischler (Paris), H. M. Burdet (Genève), C. D. K. Cook (Zurich), C. Cortini-Pedrotti (Camerino), R. Courtecuisse (Lille), V. Demoulin (Liège), R. Dull (Duisburg), F. Ehrendorfer (Wien), M. Erben (München), G. Giaccone (Catania), C. Gòmez-Campo (Madrid), C. C. Heyn (Jerusalem), V. H. Heywood (Reading), P. Kupfer (Neuchâtel), J. Mathez (Montpellier), H. Meusel (Halle), G. Moggi (Firenze), E. Nardi (Firenze), P. L. Nimis (Trieste), D. Phitos (Patras), J. Poelt (Graz), L. Poldini (Trieste), S. Snogerup (Lund), A. Strid (Copenhagen), T. Wraber (Ljubljana), B. Zimmer (Berlin)

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