Name: Herbarium Mediterraneum Panormitanum

Herbarium Code: PAL


Address: via Lincoln 2, I-90133 Palermo - Italy

Barter SPECIMENS for OPTIMA membership and Bocconea

Through an agreement between the International Foundation pro Herbarium Mediterraneum and OPTIMA it is possible to pay OPTIMA membership fees, or purchase volumes of Bocconea, by sending herbarium specimens to the Herbarium Mediterraneum in Palermo. The following conditions apply:
1.   Only specimens from the following areas are acceptable: peri-Mediterranean countries (except Italy and France), plus Portugal and Bulgaria,the Atlantic Islands (Macaronesia), and the domain of Boissier’s “Flora Orientalis” (Middle East, Transcaucasia, Crimea). Material from the country of residence (if part of this area) should be given preference.
2.   The herbarium specimens must be unmounted, in good condition, identified, and contain complete information on readable, durable labels. The Herbarium Mediterraneum reserves the right to return specimens judged to be of insufficient quality.
3.   Each herbarium specimen will be worth 1 €. Each delivery will consist of a minimum of 30 herbarium sheets.
4.   Each mailing will include the sender’s name, the number of herbarium specimens sent, the credit earned and and the purpose it is to be used for. The specimens and form will be mailed to herbarium address. Please also send a mail to the OPTIMA Secretariat in Palermo (