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no. 27 of 12 July 1991

ISSN 1120-4052 (Print)

ISSN 2240-4538 (Online)

DOI: 10.7320/FlMedit24.001


Copyright © by Fondazione Internazionale pro Herbario Mediterraneo

Flora Mediterranea 24



Edited on behalf of the International Foundation pro Herbario Mediterraneo

by Francesco M. Raimondo & Werner Greuter

Editorial board

F. Garbari (Pisa), W. Greuter (Berlin), S. L. Jury (Reading), P. Mazzola (Palermo), S. Pignatti (Roma), F.M. Raimondo (Palermo), B. Valdés (Sevilla).

Referees committee

P. V. Arrigoni (Firenze), H. M. Burdet (Genève), A. Carapezza (Palermo), C. D. K. Cook (Zurich), R. Courtecuisse (Lille), V. Demoulin (Liège), F. Ehrendorfer (Wien), M. Erben (München), G. Giaccone (Catania), V. H. Heywood (Reading), P. Kupfer (Neuchâtel), J. Mathez (Montpellier), G. Moggi (Firenze), E. Nardi (Firenze), P. L. Nimis (Trieste), D. Phitos (Patras), L. Poldini (Trieste), R.M. Ros Espìn (Murcia), A. Strid (Copenhagen), B. Zimmer (Berlin)

Editorial office

Assistant editor: G. Domina

Layout & Technical editing: G. Domina & G. Bazan

Design: G. Bazan & N. Surano


V.H.Heywood: An overview of in situ conservation of plant species in the Mediterranean.

K. Tojibaev, N. Beshko, O. Turginov & D. Mirzalieva: New records for Fabaceae in the flora of Uzbekistan.

P.P. Ferrer-Galego & E. Laguna: Typification of the Linnaean name Atropa frutescens (Solanaceae) of an endemic western Mediterranean species.

A.M. Mannino, V. Vaglica & E. Oddo: Seasonal variation in total phenolic content of Dictyopteris polypodioides (Dictyotaceae) and Cystoseira amentacea (Sargassaceae) from the Sicilian coast.

E. Kozuharova, V. Kochmarov, E. Kachaunova, A. Espíndola, B. Aleksandrov & I. Mincheva: Distribution of Arum (Araceae) in Bulgaria.

G. Domina & A. Danin: Orobanche cohenii (Orobanchaceae) a new species from Israel.

V. Spadaro, F.M. Raimondo & M. Pasqualetti: Molecular and taxonomic characterization of a endophytic fungus isolated from Helleborus bocconei subsp. intermedius (Ranunculaceae).

G. H. Oganezova: On the treatment of Merendera and Bulbocodium (Colchicaceae) as separate genera.

D. Puntillo & M. Puntillo: On the presence of Riella notarisii (Riellaceae) in the peninsular Italy.

G. Frenguelli, S. Ghitarrini & E. Tedeschini: Climatic change in Mediterranean area and pollen monitoring.

N. Kenar: Notes and contributions on the flora of Melendiz Mountains and its surroundings (Niğde, Turkey).

A. Langangen: Charophytes (Charales) from Samos and Ikaria (Greece) collected in 2013 and report on some localities in Skiathos (Greece).

S. Fos, E. Laguna & J. Jiménez: Plant Micro-Reserves in the Valencian Region (E of Spain): are we achieving the expected results? Passive conservation of relevant vascular plant species.

V. Hugonnot: Bryophytes of the Gorges de l’Ardèche (Ardèche and Gard, southern France).

F. Verloove, E. Laguna Lumbreras & P.P. Ferrer Gallego : Some potentially weedy Cyperaceae new to Spain.

C. S. Christodoulou, R. Hand & C. Charalambous : Tulipa akamasica (Liliaceae), a new endemic species from Cyprus.

G. Domina, W. Greuter, P. Mazzola & F.M. Raimondo: Names of Italian vascular plants published by Michele Lojacono Pojero.

L. Peruzzi, G. Gestri & B. Pierini: Morphological variation in Astragalus muelleri (Fabaceae) from Balkan and Italian populations

G. Vasquez, M.L. Gargano, A. Zambonelli & G. Venturella: New distributive and ecological data on Tuber magnatum (Tuberaceae) in Italy.

P. Angelini, E. Bricchi, D. Gigante, S. Poponessi, A. Spina & R. Venanzoni: Pollen morphology of some species of Amaranthaceae s. lat. common in Italy.

G. Kamari, C. Blanché & S. Siljak-Yakovlev (eds.): Mediterranean chromosome number reports – 24.