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no. 27 of 12 July 1991

ISSN 1120-4052 (Print)

ISSN 2240-4538 (Online)

DOI: 10.7320/FlMedit23.001


Copyright © by Fondazione Internazionale pro Herbario Mediterraneo

Flora Mediterranea 23



Edited on behalf of the International Foundation pro Herbario Mediterraneo

by Francesco M. Raimondo & Werner Greuter

Editorial board

F. Garbari (Pisa), W. Greuter (Berlin), S. L. Jury (Reading), P. Mazzola (Palermo), S. Pignatti (Roma), F.M. Raimondo (Palermo), B. Valdés (Sevilla).

Referees committee

P. V. Arrigoni (Firenze), H. M. Burdet (Genève), A. Carapezza (Palermo), C. D. K. Cook (Zurich), R. Courtecuisse (Lille), V. Demoulin (Liège), R. Dull (Duisburg), F. Ehrendorfer (Wien), M. Erben (München), G. Giaccone (Catania), V. H. Heywood (Reading), P. Kupfer (Neuchâtel), J. Mathez (Montpellier), G. Moggi (Firenze), E. Nardi (Firenze), P. L. Nimis (Trieste), D. Phitos (Patras), L. Poldini (Trieste), R.M. Ros Espìn (Murcia), S. Snogerup (Lund), A. Strid (Copenhagen), B. Zimmer (Berlin)

Editorial office

Assistant editor: G. Domina

Layout & Technical editing: G. Domina & G. Bazan

Design: G. Bazan & N. Surano

Printed by Luxograph, Piazza Bartolomeo da Messina 2/e - Palermo

December, 2013


D. Puntillo & S. Ravera: Naetrocymbe mori-albae, a new species from Calabria (Southern Italy)

P. P. Ferrer-Gallego: Typification of the Linnaean name Viola arborescens L. (Violaceae)

E. Baliousis: Flora and vegetation of Mt Likeo (Peloponnisos, Greece)

E. Di Gristina, G. Gottschlich, R. Galesi, F. M., Raimondo & A. Cristaudo: Hieracium hypochoeroides subsp. montis-scuderii (Asteraceae), a new endemic subspecies from Sicily (Italy)

O. Khodosovtsev, L. Dymytrova, O. Nadyeina, A. Naumovych, Yu. Khodosovtseva & C. Scheidegger: A contribution to beech forest-associated epiphytic lichen-forming and lichenicolous fungi in Crimean Mts (Ukraine)

T. Constantinidis: The flora of the Kastellorizo island group (East Aegean Islands, Greece): new records and comments

A. Crisafulli, R.M. Picone & A. Soldano: Oenothera indecora (Onagraceae) a neophyte new to Italy

R. Hand: The effectiveness of seed-banked material in ex situ cultivation: an example from Cyprus

A. H. Gasparyan & T. K. Ghaltaghchyan: Proposed standard designations in Armenian for lichens occurring in the Republic of Armenia

R. El Mokni, M. Kasri & M. H. El Aouni: Volkameria inermis (Lamiaceae) a new alien species naturalized to the Tunisian coast, first record for North-Africa

Y. Tlili-Ait Kaki, S. Bennadja & A. Chefrour: Revalorisation d’une essence end.mique: le sapin de Numidie (Abies numidica)

M. V. Aghababyan: Redeeming Phelypaea armena from oblivion, with a reassessment of Transcaucasian Cistanche (Orobanchaceae)

L. Sadori, A. Bertini, N. Combourieu-Nebout, K. Kouli, M. Mariotti Lippi, N. Roberts & A. M. Mercuri: Palynology and Mediterranean vegetation history

S. Crema, J. W. Kadereit & G. Cristofolini: Phylogenetic Insights into Primula Sect. Auricula in the Apennine Peninsula

B. Valdés: The present and future of Mediterranean floristics

B. Valdés: The present and future of Mediterranean floristics. Introduction, with a special reference to the Flora iberica project

G. Kamari: The present and future of the flora of Greece and its conservation assessment

N. Ozhatay, M. Kocyiğit, S. Yüzbaşıoğlu & B. Gürdal: Mediterranean flora and its conservation in Turkey: with special reference to Monocot geophytes

O. Vasić: Josif Pančić and the new Flora of Serbia

S. Samaropoulou, P. Bareka, R. Artelari & G. Kamari: Karyological studies on some endemic and rare species of Kephalonia, Ionian Islands, Greece

R. M. Ros, O. Werner & J. R. Pérez-Alvarez: Ex situ conservation of rare and threatened Mediterranean Bryophytes

P. Marino, R. Schicchi, E. Barone, F. M. Raimondo & G. Domina: First results on the phenotypic analysis of wild and cultivated species of Pyrus in Sicily

F. M. Raimondo, A. Scialabba, R. Guarino & R. E. Spallino: Genetic diversity in Sicilian populations of Quercus ilex (Fagaceae)

G. Kamari, C. Blanch. & S. Siljak-Yakovlev (eds.): Mediterranean chromosome number reports – 23