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no. 27 of 12 July 1991

ISSN 1120-4052 (Print)

ISSN 2240-4538 (Online)


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Flora Mediterranea 18


F. M. Raimondo: A new species of Malus (Rosaceae, Maloideae) from Sicily

B. Bani & N. Adigüzel: Flora of an Important Plant Area: Çatak valley I - (Çatak-Pervari) Van, Turkey

K. A. Khalik: A phenetic study of Convolvulaceae from Egypt based on analysis of morphological characters

A. Danin, G. Domina & F. M. Raimondo: Microspecies of the Portulaca oleracea aggregate found on major Mediterranean islands (Sicily, Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes)

P. Bareka, G. P. Mitsainas, T. Constantinidis & G. Kamari: PhytoKaryon: a karyological database of European and Mediterranean plants

Ö. T. Yayintaş: Schistidium agassizii (Grimmiaceae, Bryopsida) new to southern Turkey

E. Lattanzi: The distribution of three species of the genus Calicotome in Italy

E. Kaya, Ö. Varol & H. Aktaş Aytepe: Urban Flora of Muğla (Muğla, Turkey)

N. Stavrou, K. Voskarides & V. Karagiannakidou: Floristic composition and phytogeographical research on the endemic Cedrus brevifolia forests in Cyprus

A. P. Seregin: Contribution to the vascular flora of the Sevastopol area (the Crimea): a checklist and new records

M. Desfayes: Flore vasculaire herbacée des eaux douces et des milieux humides de la Sardaigne

G. Domina, M. Erben & F. M. Raimondo: Two new species of Limonium (Plumbaginaceae) from Lebanon

L. Boulos: Flora and Vegetation of the Deserts of Egypt

M. Özkan, C. Özdemir & E. Soy: Morphological, anatomical and karyological properties of Salvia cadmica (Lamiaceae) endemic to Anatolia

P. Sánchez-Gómez, J. F. Jiménez, J. B. Vera & C. Aedo: Anchusa aegyptiaca (Boraginaceae), a new species for the Iberian flora

A. Langangen: Charophytes from some Aegean islands (Khios, Lesvos and Limnos) in Greece

A. Danin & W. Naenny: Contribution to the recognition of reeds by their rhizome anatomy

J. Jacquemart & V. Demoulin: Comparison of the epiphytic macroflora of Posidonia oceanica leaves in different meadows of the western Mediterranean

G. Venturella, G. Mandracchia & M. L. Gargano: The tamarisks of southern Calabria (Italy)

S. M. El Naggar & N. Sawady: Pollen Morphology of Malvaceae and its taxonomic significance in Yemen

A. Rambelli, G. Venturella & C. Ciccarone: Dematiaceous Hyphomycetes from Pantelleria mediterranean maquis litter

T. J. Tabone: Fumana laevipes (Cistaceae), a new record for the Maltese Islands (central Mediterranean)

M. Rhanem: Quelques résultats obtenus par l’analyse de l’information mutuelle sur les observations phyto-écologiques recueillies dans la vallée des Aït- Bou-Guemmez (Haut Atlas, Maroc)

M. Aghababyan, W. Greuter, P. Mazzola & F. M. Raimondo: Typification of names of Compositae taxa described from Sicily by Michele Lojacono Pojero

R. Karousou, E. Hanlidou, P. Kokkini, D. Koufou & S. Kokkini: On the flora of Mount Stratonikon (GR1270005), a NATURA 2000 site of N Greece

P. Campisi, M. G. Dia & F. M. Raimondo: The bryophytes collected in Calabria (S Italy) during the VIII O.P.T.I.M.A. Iter Mediterraneum

G. Kamari, C. Blanché & S. Siljak-Yakovlev (eds.): Mediterranean chromosome number reports – 18

D. Phitos: Pierre Broussalis (1913-2006)

O. Vasić: Nikola Diklić (1925-2008)


Edited on behalf of the International Foundation pro Herbario Mediterraneo

by Francesco M. Raimondo & Werner Greuter

Editorial board

F. Garbari (Pisa), W. Greuter (Berlin), S. L. Jury (Reading), P. Mazzola (Palermo), S. Pignatti (Roma), F.M. Raimondo (Palermo), B. Valdés (Sevilla).

Referees committee

P. V. Arrigoni (Firenze), H. M. Burdet (Genève), A. Carapezza (Palermo), C. D. K. Cook (Zurich), R. Courtecuisse (Lille), V. Demoulin (Liège), R. Dull (Duisburg), F. Ehrendorfer (Wien), M. Erben (München), G. Giaccone (Catania), V. H. Heywood (Reading), P. Kupfer (Neuchâtel), J. Mathez (Montpellier), G. Moggi (Firenze), E. Nardi (Firenze), P. L. Nimis (Trieste), J.A.R. Paiva (Coimbra), D. Phitos (Patras), L. Poldini (Trieste), R.M. Ros Espìn (Murcia), S. Snogerup (Lund), A. Strid (Copenhagen), T. Wraber (Ljubljana), B. Zimmer (Berlin)

Editorial staff

Editor: F. M. Raimondo

Associate editor: W. Greuter

Editorial management: L. Naselli Flores

Editorial assistance: G. Domina

Editorial secretariat: M. Pace

Technical editing: G. Domina & G. Bazan

Design: G. Bazan & N. Surano

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