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Bocconea 24


Proceedings of the XIII OPTIMA Meeting. Antalya, 22-26 March 2010

Edited by T. Ekim, F. M. Raimondo, W. Greuter & G. Domina

Adıgüzel N. & Reeves R. D.: Important serpentine areas of Turkey and distribution patterns of serpentine endemics and nickelaccumulators.
Brullo, S., Giusso del Galdo, G. & Musarella, C. M.: Taxonomic revision of Astragalus angustifolius group (Fabaceae).                 ESF1, ESF2, ESF3
Cristofolini, G., Galloni, M., Podda L. & Vivarelli, D.: Pollination ecology provides some new insight into evolution and systematics of Mediterranean Legumes.
Dogan, H. M., Dogan, M. & Celep, F.: Recent innovations brought by geographic information systems and remote sensing in vegetation and flora studies in Turkey.
Heywood, V. H.: The role of New World biodiversity in the transformation of Mediterranean landscapes and culture.
Liphschitz, N.: Dendroarchaeology of Shipwrecks in Israel.
Mariotti Lippi, M.: Ancient floras, vegetational reconstruction and man-plant relationships: case studies from archaeological sites. 
Maxted, N., Hargreaves, S., Kell, S.P., Amri, A., Street, K., Shehadeh, A., Piggin, J. & Konopka, J.: Temperate forage and pulse legume genetic gap analysis.
Peruzzi, L.: Chromosome diversity and evolution in the genus Gagea (Liliaceae).
Sales, F.: The cost of the Mediterranean collections.
Abbate, G., Iberite, M., Bonacquisti, S., Giovi, E., Iamonico, D., Scassellati, E.: Taxonomical and chorological diversity of native woody flora of Italy at regional scale.
Aghababyan, M., Greuter W. & Raimondo F. M.: Michele Lojacono-Pojero’s Centuriae in the herbaria and archives in Geneva.
Ahıskalı, M., Arı, C. & Selvi S.: Edible wild plants and their consumption during winter in a rural village on Kazdağı (Mount Ida).
El-Barasi, Y. M. & Barrani, M. W.: Factors affecting natural vegetation on EL-Harouge mountain, Central part of Libyan desert (Sahara). 
Bazan, G., Domina, G. & Schicchi, R.: Land Unit definition for potential distribution of endangered species.
Bona, M.: Distribution of Lepidium taxa in Turkey.
Cıngay, B., Ataşlar, E. & Koyuncu, O.: Geophytes of Yazılıkaya (Han-Eskişehir, Turkey).
Domingues de Almeida J. & Freitas H.: Exotic flora of continental Portugal – a new assessment.
Duzenli, A. & Karaomerlioglu, D.: Turkey Plant Bank.
Ecevit Genc, G. & Akalın, E.: Comparison between two Eryngium from Turkey: E. heldreichii and E. davisii.
Geraci, A., Bancheva, S. & Raimondo, F. M.: Genetic variation patterns in some groups of Centaurea (Asteraceae) in Italy.
Greuter, W. & Raimondo, F. M.: The Herbarium of Antoine Bras (1803-1883).
Kropf, M., Sommerkamp, E. & Bernhardt, K.-G.: Population dynamics of Barlia metlesicsiana (Orchidaceae) endemic to Tenerife (Canary Islands). 
Lattanzi, E.: Distribution of species of the genus Rosa (Rosaceae) in Italy.
Mejias, J.A., Garcia del Rey M. & Silva J.L.: Variability in prickly sow-thistle (Sonchus asper) from western Mediterranean region.
Millaku, F., Rexhepi, F., Krasniqi, E., Abdullahu K. & Mala X.: Mediterranean floristic element and its influence in the alliance Ostryo-Carpinion orientalis HT. 1954 in Kosovo.
Peruzzi, L.: Male flowers in Liliaceae are more frequent than previously thought.
Pinar, S. M. & Behcet, L.: Anatomical, morphological and palynological study on Turkish endemic Fritillaria baskilensis (Liliaceae).
Polat, R. & Satil, F.: Research on some medicinal plants commercially sold in the Havran and Burhaniye region (Balıkesir Turkey).
Raimondo, F. M. & Spadaro V.: Nomenclatural and taxonomic remarks on Prunus cupaniana (Rosaceae) from Sicily.
Scialabba, A., Marino, P., Bazan, G. & Domina, G.: The Seedbank database of the Hortus Botanicus Panormitanus.
Yüzbaşıoğlu, S.: Morphological variations of Galanthus elwesii in Turkey and difficulties on identification.
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