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no. 19 of 6 May 1991

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Bocconea 19


Bocconea 19 - 2006

Edited on behalf of Fondazione Internazionale pro Herbario Mediterraneo by Francesco M. Raimondo & Werner Greuter

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December, 2005

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Proceedings of the VI Conference on Plant Taxonomy. Alghero, 31 May - 2 June 2003.

Edited by Ignazio Camarda, Santiago Castroviejo & Pietro Mazzola

Arrigoni: The discovery of the Sardinian Flora (XVIII-XIX Centuries)

Arrigoni: Taxonomical and chorological contribution to the Sardinian flora

Bagella & Urbani: Some remarks on the flora and land use in North-Western Sardinia

Bocchieri, Mannini & Iiriti: Endemic flora of Codula di Luna (Gulf of Orosei, Central Eastern Sardinia)

Bosh, Molero, Rovira, Simon, Lopez-Pujol, Orellana & Blanché: Recovery plans for Delphinium bolosii and Thymus loscosii: results from three-year studies and conclusions

Brullo & Giusso del Galdo: Limonium elfahsianum (Plumbaginaceae), a new species from Tunisia

Brullo, Giusso del Galdo & Terrasi: A new species of Oncostema Raf. (Hyacinthaceae) from Tunisia

Camarda: Dipsacus valsecchii (Dipsacaceae) a new species from Sardinia

Cogoni, Flore, Adamo, Lai & Scrugli: Ecology of bryophytes of damp areas of “Giara di Gesturi”

Di Gristina, Geraci & Raimondo: Biosystematic investigation on Hieracium symphytifolium Froel. (Asteraceae)

Estrelles, Prieto, Fuentes & Ibras: Microstructure of seed coat in Genisteae (Fabaceae)

Farris & Filigheddu: Floristic traits of effusive substrata in North-Western Sardinia

Guarino & Mossa: Floristic, phenologic and chorological differences in the therophytic vegetation-types of Sardinia

Guarino & Rampone: A morphometric analysis of Centaurea sect. Dissectae (Compositae)

Ibanez, Montserrat & Soriano: Documentation and revision of the “Sociedad Botanica Barcelonesa” herbarium

Mazzola & Domina: Distribution and conservation perspectives of Taxus baccata L. (Taxaceae) in Sicily

Mele, Caforio & Marchiori: Remarkable species occurring in the Alimini Lakes (Apulia South Italy), an area proposed as Site of Community Interest

Morales Alonso, Vicente Orellana & Galan de Mera: Genetic Variability in some species of the genus Quercus

Ortunez, Dorda, Galan Cela & Gamarra: Seed micromorphology in the Iberian (Orchidaceae. I. Subfamily Cypripedioideae)

Primentel, Perille, Romero & Sahuquillo: Taxonomical relationships between Anthoxanthum aristatum and A. ovatum (Poaceae: Pooideae) assessed by Numerical Taxonomy Methods

Pina & Valdés: Influence of age in germination of seed of Lotus (Fabaceae)

Pujadas Salvà & Plaza Arregui: Orobanche L. sect. Orobanche (Orobanchaceae) in Andalucia, South of the Iberian Peninsula

Raffaelli & Tardelli: Phytogeographic zones of Dhofar (Southern Oman)

Raimondo: Naturalness and phytodiversity in Sicily

Romero, Perille, Pimentel & Sahuquillo: Botanical interest of mountain peatlands from NW Iberian Peninsula: implications for their conservation

Sanchez, Domina & J. Cujapé-Catells: The Sicilian circumscription of the genus Matthiola (Brassicaceae): population genetic insights from isozymes

Scandura & Marchiori: Floristic remarks on garrigues of the Salento region (Apulia, Italy)

Tardelli & Raffaelli: Some Aspects of the vegetation of Dhofar (Southern Oman)

Valdés: BIOGEO, a biogeographical study of Andalusian flora in relation to that of N Morocco

Valdés: Plant Species Protection in S Spain

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