The University of Palermo Herbarium Mediterraneum is housed in the Palermo Botanical Garden. The collections contain approximately 550,000 vascular plant, bryophyte, algal, and fungal specimens. Although the collections are worldwide in scope, they focus on the state of Sicily and Mediterranean area. The research on Mediterranean flora and, in particular, the activities related to the creation and improvement of this herbarium are supported by the International Foundation pro Herbario Mediterraneo which promotes the edition of Flora Mediterranea and Bocconea, two publications dedicates to biogeography, floristics and systematics botany.

These collections support a rich diversity of research projects by herbarium staff and university researchers and are also a tool for basic research in systematics, ecology, phytogeography, and evolution. This site also will provide access to data and some images in the Herbarium collections. The online database is still under development (it also is in process of adding images for these specimens), and at this time, only selected collections are available online.

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