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no. 19 of 6 May 1991

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Bocconea 27


Bocconea 28 - 2019

Published on behalf of Fondazione Internazionale pro Herbario Mediterraneo by Francesco M. Raimondo & Werner Greuter

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22 November, 2019

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Proceedings of the Meeting Botany at the intersection of Nature, Culture, Art and Sciences

E. Caruso, F. M. Raimondo & G. Domina (eds)

E. Caruso: Presentation.
F. M. Raimondo: Introduction.

Oral presentations
E. Caruso: Archaeological Landscape of the “Punic Epicracy” of Sicily.
G. Pambianchi, M. Materazzi & F. Pallotta: The geomorphological landscape of the archaeological park of Selinunte.
M. Taylor Simeti & S. Pettee: The Garlands of the Gods. Wild Flowers from the Greek Ruins of Sicily.
G. Cusimano: Growing up with trees. Autobiography of a research study.
I. E. Buttitta: Plants in Sicilian holy simbology.
D. Chiatante: The higher plants: beauty and intelligence.
C. Siniscalco: From North to South: a voyage through plant biodiversity in the Italian mountains.
S. B. Perelman, M. Omacini, P. M. Tognetti & W. B. Batista: Pampean-grassland heterogeneity on the intersection of science, art, and culture.
A. M. Mannino: Human activities trigger change in marine landscape.
G. Caneva, A. Monaco, P. Virgili & F. Bartoli: “Re-flowering flowers”: the hope of an eternal blooming since Roman times.
D. Solomon: Art to transform ecologies: report from the field.
V. Rotolo, M. L. De Caro, A. Giordano & F. Palla: Solunto archaeological park in Sicily: life under mosaic tesserae.
I. Camarda: Phytotoponymy and Flora of Nuraghes monuments (Sardinia).
C. Blanché: When Botany and Archaeology meet: the Ancient Catalan Flora Project.
N. Özhatay & E. Özhatay: Green Heritage of İstanbul.
S. Benamar: Plant heritage in Fez (Morocco): millenary richness to multi-aspects, botanic, scientific, architectural, cultural.
G. Venturella: The genus Tamarix (Tamaricaceae) from archaeological to contemporary landscape.
C. Modìca Donà dalle Rose: International legal and protection of the landscape and biodiversity: the architecture of the limit between natural cultivation and culture.
V. H. Heywood: The cultural heritage of Mediterranean botanic gardens.
G. Domina: The floristic research in Italian archaeological sites.
P. L. Nimis, S. Martellos & E. Pittao: Ecology and functional traits of lichens in the archaeological areas of Latium.
M. L. Gargano: Fungi in archaeological areas.
C. Salmeri: Plant morphology: outdated or advanced discipline in modern plant sciences?
Ch. Kyriakopoulos, G. Kamari, I. Kofinas & D. Phitos: Potentilla greuteriana (Rosaceae), a new species from Mt. Taigetos (S Peloponnisos, Greece).
S. Samaropoulou, P. Bareka & G. Kamari: Biodiversity of the genus Fritillaria (Liliaceae) in Greece.
E. Kozuharova, I. Ionkova & F. M. Raimondo: Invasive alien species: potential cheap resources of plant substances for medicinal use.
A. S. Faqui: Botanical Pharmaceuticals: from Bench to Market.
S. Ragusa, M. Gliozzi, V. Musolino & V. Mollace: Effect of combination of Citrus bergamia (Rutacae) and Cynara cardunculus (Compositae) derivatives in liver dysfunction.
A. Attanzio, L. Tesoriere, M. Allegra & M. A. Livrea: Phytochemicals and Nutraceuticals: the biochemical core of the Mediterranean plants.
E. Conti: Macro- and micro-evolutionary perspectives on diversification: linking pattern with process.
C. Oberprieler, F. Wagner, U. Lautenschlager, T. Ott, S. Tomasello & R. Vogt: Phylogeny, biogeography and species delimitation in the Compositae-Anthemideae.
K. Marhold, M. Šlenker, H. Kudoh, T. Mandáková & J. Zozomová-Lihová: Discovery and introduction of Cardamine occulta (Brassicaceae) into Europe.
P. Campisi, M. G. Dia & M. L. Marino: An analysis of the bryophyte flora in Sicilian archaeological areas.
Eckhard von Raab-Straube & al.: From Flora Europaea and Med-Checklist to Euro+Med PlantBase: the never-ending task for a happy Sisyphos.
M. Fennane & M. Rejdali: Moroccan vascular plant Red Data Book: A basic tool for plant conservation.
F. Médail, A. Baumel, M. Bou Dagher Kharrat, K. Diadema, M. Juin, N. Legalliot & al.: The Carob tree: biogeography, ecology and cultural history of a neglected Mediterranean tree.
S. Bancheva: Diversity and conservation of subfam. Carduoideae (Asteraceae) in Bulgaria.
A. Papini, M. Viola, V. Maggini, C. Tani, F. Firenzuoli, S. Schiff & R. Fani: Relationship between the cypsela of Echinacea and its endophyte symbionts.
B. Valdés: Progenitors of cultivated plants in the Iberian Peninsula.
F. Pedrotti: The vegetation around dry-wall stone huts on the Macereto plateau (Sibillini Mountains, Central Apennines).
E. Vitek: Gundelia (Compositae), from one to many species – an ignored diversity.
G. Nakhutsrishvili & M. Khutsishvili: The National Herbarium of Georgia at the Institute of Botany, Ilia State University, Georgia.

A. Bisio, L. Pessa, F. Pedrelli & al.: From the experience of “PLANT” and “PYRGY” EU Projects onwards: interdisciplinary link of medicinal plant science with history and art.
A. R. Burgaz, R. Pino-Bodas & B. Gutiérrez-Larruga: Cladonia subturgida a very little known Mediterranean lichen.
R. Calvo: Thermal insulation role and possible exploitation of Posidonia oceanica detritus in the Mediterranean area.
E. Di Gristina, P. Pedone, F. M. Raimondo: Plant landscape and phytodiversity in the ancient town of Erice (NW Sicily).
P. Minissale, V. Magro & F. M. Raimondo: Why did Acanthus mollis, native to West Mediterranean, become a so relevant artistic and symbolic element arising from ancient Greece?
M. Mariotti Lippi, A. Florenzano, R. Rinaldi, E. Allevato, & al.: The Botanical Record of Archaeobotany Italian Network - BRAIN: a cooperative network, database and website.
P. Mazzola, N. Marsiglia, S. Ciccarello & F. M. Raimondo: Contributions to the study of the historical gardens of Sicily. The garden of Villa Filangeri in Santa Flavia (Palermo).
F. M. Raimondo, G. Domina, V. Spadaro & P. Campisi: Plant landscape and phytodiversity in the archeological area of Segesta (NW Sicily).
F. M. Raimondo, P. Mazzola, M. G. Dia & V. Magro: The plant landscape of the Sicilian archaeological areas through the iconographic documentation of travellers and naturalists.
F. M. Raimondo, G. Castiglia, S. Ciccarello, F. Scafidi & C. Salmeri: Plant landscape of the archaeological site of Selinunte and its restoration: tribute to scholars and professionals who worked on it.
F. M. Raimondo: Evolution of the forest landscape in the Punic Eparchy area (West Sicily): the importance of cork oak in natural residual vegetation for the purposes in the restoration of the forest landscape.
F. Scafidi & F. M. Raimondo: Contribution to the vascular flora of the archaeological park of Selinunte and Cave of Cusa (South-Western Sicily, Italy): preliminary results.
A. Scialabba & F M. Raimondo: The “Sicilian Plant Germplasm Repository” of the University of Palermo: 25 years of activity in biological conservation.
V. Spadaro, M. Pasqualetti, A. S. Faqi & F. M. Raimondo: From ethnobotany to experimental research: the therapeutic properties of Sicilian hellebore.

M. Mariotti Lippi: The contribution of starch grain and phytolith analyses in reconstructing ancient diets.
M. Martinelli: Environmental cartography: methodological and practical references.
F. Garbari: A Hermitage Garden. The Herb Garden of Rio nell’Elba, Tuscany.
F. Lucchese: Some preliminary botanical remarks about the frescoes of the Oratory of San Pellegrino at Bominaco (L’Aquila).
C. Cattaneo & M. Grano: Checklist updating and analysis of the flora of Symi island and of the nearby island of Seskli (Dodecanese, Greece).


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