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Bocconea 21


Proceedings of the XI OPTIMA Meeting. Beograd, 5-11 September 2004

Edited by Olja Vasic

A. Petrova & V. Vladimirov: Recent (1994-2004) taxonomic studies on the Bulgarian flora

G. Bedini, M. Ansaldi & F. Garbari: Mapping and demography of endangered plants in the Apuan Alps, NW Tuscany, Italy

C. Blanché & M. Bosch: Conservation issues from research on pollination ecology - a west Mediterranean view

I. Marques, A. Rossellò-Graell, D. Draper & J. M. Iriondo: Pollination ecology and hybridization between Narcissus cavanillesii A. Barra & G. Lopéz and N. serotinus L. in Portugal

G. I. Zervakis & G. Venturella: Adverse effects of human activities on the diversity of macrofungi in forest ecosystems

V. John: Lichenological studies in Turkey and their relevance to environmental interpretation

D. Draper & J. M. Iriondo: Spatial patterns of vegetative and sexually reproducing individuals of Marsilea strigosa Willd

M. Parra-Quijano, D. Draper & J. M. Iriondo: GIS-based evaluation of the in situ conservation of a Crop Wild Relative: the case of Spanish lupins

Ch. Eichberger, M. Sigl & H. Rühfel: Trees and Shrubs on Classical Greek Vases

V. Stevanović, K. Tan & A. Petrova: Mapping the endemic flora of the Balkans - a progress report

K. Tan, V. Stevanović & A. Strid: Distribution and centres of diversity for endemic geophytic Monocots in the Balkans

F. Conti, G. Abbate, A. Alessandrini, C. Blasi, S. Bonacquisti & E. Scassellati: An annotated checklist of the Italian vascular flora: first data

G. Bacchetta, G. Mandis & C. Pontecorvo: Contribution to the knowledge of the endemic vascular flora of Sulcis (SW Sardinia - Italy)

E. Bocchieri & G. Iiriti: Changes in land use and in the ruderal plant component as observed over the past 80 years on the Island of Molara (NE Sardinia - Italy)

M. Delcheva, S. Bancheva & S. Tzoneva: Floristic diversity and conservation values in the Tchelkov Rid area (W Rhodopi Mts), Bulgaria

D. Radović: Evolving GIS at Tara National Park (Serbia)

K. Sutorý: Cynoglossum montanum L. in the western part of the Mediterranean area

S. Vuksanović & D. Petrović: The presence of Kickxia cirrhosa (L.) Fritisch in Montenegro supports the earlier records of this species for the Balkan Peninsula

L. Peruzzi, N. G. Passalacqua & G. Cesca: On the presence of Doronicum plantagineum (Asteraceae) in Italy

S. Brullo, C. Gangale & D. Uzunov: Taxonomic remarks on the endemic flora of the Sila Massif (S Italy)

G. Domina & P. Mazzola: The genus Orobanche in Sicily. Taxa described by V. Tineo and M. Lojacono Pojero

P. Colombo, V. Spadaro & F. M. Raimondo: Morpho-anatomical analysis of Viola tineorum and V. ucriana (Violaceae), endemic to the mountains around Palermo (NW-Sicily)

K. Uzunova, S. Bancheva & F. M. Raimondo: Studies on the leaf epidermal structure of genus Cyanus, sect. Napuliferae (Compositae)

L. Peruzzi, K. F. Caparelli & G. Cesca: Contribution to the systematic knowledge of the genus Ornithogalum L. (Hyacinthaceae): morpho-anatomical variability of the leaves among different taxa

M. Urbani, G. Becca & M. G. Ledda: Notes on systematics and chorology of Asparagus L. (Asparagaceae) in Sardinia (Italy)

B. Valdés, V. Giron & I. Carmona: Regressive psammophilous plant formations at “Monte Algaida” pine forest, Donana Natural Park, SW Spain

A. Zeddam, M. Meurer & Ch. Neff: Impact des activités humaines sur la végétation de la foret des Senhadja-Gherbès, Skikda, Algèrie

G. Venturella, A. Bernicchia & A. Saitta: Contribution to the knowledge of diversity and distribution of lignicolous fungi from Sicily (southern Italy)

A. Mijović, Z. Popović, D. Mišić & B. Karadžić: Photosynthetic efficency of Nepeta rtanjensis Diklić & Milojević individuals in natural site and in reintroduction experiment

G. Aquaro, L. Peruzzi & G. Cesca: Chromosome numbers of 20 flowering plants from ex-Yugoslav countries

C. Burgarella, S. Fici & A. Lora-Gonzàlez: Effect of number of seed parents on the genetic diversity of artificially regenerated stands of holm oak

S. Bojović, Ph. Heizmann, P. Pavlović, M. Mitrović, L. Djurdjević & M. Barbero: Genetic and geographical relationships of manna ash populations from Serbia

S. Brullo, A. Guglielmo, P. Pavone & C. Salmeri: Cytotaxonomic considerations on Allium stamineum Boiss. group (Alliaceae)

M. Bobinac & M. Ocokoljić: Growth variability of one-year-old beech (Fagus moesiaca Cz.) seedlings and their coppice vigour

D. Gargano, L. Peruzzi, K. F. Caparelli & G. Cesca: Preliminary observations on the reproductive strategies in five early-flowering species of Gagea Salisb. (Liliaceae)

A. Rossellò-Graell, I. Marques, D. Draper & J. M. Iriondo: The role of breeding system in the reproductive success of Narcissus cavanillesii A. Barra & G. Lòpez (Amaryllidaceae)

I. Marques, D. Draper & M. A. Martins-Loucao: Influence of temperature on seed germination in seven Mediterranean grassland species from SE Portugal

M. Ocokoljić, & N. Anastasijević: Effect of low temperatures at the beginning of the vegetation growth period on beech yield in Belgrade

S. Rossini Oliva, B. Valdés &. M. D. Mingorance: Nerium oleander as a means to monitor and minimize the effects of pollution

D. Draper, I. Marques & M. A. Martins-Loucao: The role of a gene bank as an impact mitigation tool in the Alqueva dam (Portugal)

S. Merola & F. M. Raimondo: European and Mediterranean plants in the wild flora of Uruguay

Ch. Gussev, Y. Bosseva, B. Pandova, S. Yanev & M. Stanilova: Resource assessment of Leucojum aestivum L. (Amaryllidaceae) populations in Bulgaria

S. P. Kell, S. L. Jury, H. Knüpffer, B. V. Ford-Lloyd & N. Maxted: PGR Forum: serving the crop wild relative user community


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